Royalty Free Stock Fish Clipart by Rasmussen Images

  1. Three Fish and a Seahorse Swimming near the Underwater Lost City of Atlantis
  2. Purple Jellyfish on a White Background
  3. Couple of Orange and White Clownfish Swimming Sea Life
  4. Tropical Fish with a Black Base, Stripes and a Blue Tail Fin Swimming Right
  5. Bull Shark Swimming Right on White
  6. Fish Swimming by an Oil Drilling Platform in the Sea
  7. Gentle Brown Seahorse Facing Left
  8. Lionfish, AKA the Turkey Fish or Dragon Fish Swimming Left over a White Background
  9. Regal Tang Fish Swimming Right
  10. Trio of Blue Dolphins Jumping
  11. Cute Yellow Pufferfish with Black Spots on White
  12. Cute Lionfish, Clownfish and Anemone with Other Fish on a Tropical Reef
  13. Pair of Dolphins Jumping out of the Water near a Tropical Island with Palm Trees
  14. Group of Sharks and Fish Swimming Around the Lost City of Atlantis Underwater
  15. Group of Fish and Sharks Swimming Underwater at a Tropical Reef near an Island
  16. Set of Animal Silhouettes Including a Wolf or Coyote, Giraffes, Jellyfish, Toucan, Seahorse, Gecko, Elephants, Butterflies, Dolphins, Triggerfish, Lionfish, a Shark and Clownfishes on White